Please see below for answers to questions you might have. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please ask us!

How can I join Alfred Rowing Club?

Make your intention know to a committee member, email membership@alfredrowing.co.za. For the details and pricing please see our membership page.

I'm an experienced rower on holiday in Cape Town, can I row ?

Yes of course, we welcome visitors to row with us. We charge a nominal per outing fee of R300/row to go towards our boat maintenance fund.  You will need to contact us as contact@alfredrowing.co.za and come to join us on a club rowing day.

What is the best time of year to start rowing at Alfred Rowing Club?

New rowers are welcome at the club at any time of year. In the autumn and winter (May-July) we do not have much water to row on, however some hardy rowers manage to wade out. Typically the new season training commences in August.

I am new to rowing and I want to try it before I commit to membership.

You are welcome to row with us prior to joining. This is provided that you sign the indemnity and the declaration of swimming competence. There there is a fee of R200/row until you join – or decide you do not wish to continue.

Am I too old to start rowing?


I only rowed sweep before but can I learn to scull at Alfred Rowing Club?

The answer is Yes. And vice versa. Make your intentions known to a club Captain and he or she will find a suitable teacher for you.

I want race next season, how to do get into or form a crew?

Many rowers choose to row casually at Alfred RC but it’s great that you are asking this question! What it takes to move from casual rowing to form a crew is several like minded and committed individuals coming together and deciding to do it. The Captains are happy to offer support and encouragement in this regard however to an extent a crew must be self-organising, commitment is demonstrated by their willingness to keep coming to row at the club. When individuals demonstrate this commitment and make their season goals known to a Captain, where available suitable club equipment is assigned to the new crew on a priority basis and the club supports them in their objectives.

How can I get coaching?

Coaching is available. Speak to one of the Captains.  Some club members are able and willing to coach you.

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